Jason Roberts

In Memoriam
March 10th 1969
to September 30th, 2013

Please join Family, Friends and the Art Community in celebrating Jason’s life.

A Memorial Service will be held during the 6th Annual Canyon Road Paint Out, one of Jason’s favorite events to participate in.

Saturday, October 19th, 2013, at 4 o’clock.
Canyon Road Contemporary Art
403 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Contact: Nancy Leeson

or (505) 983 – 0433

Jason’s artwork and art-related items will be sold on Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th.

Proceeds will benefit his beloved son, Liam.

A Short Biography about Jason Roberts
Born in Los Angeles, California in 1969, Jason spent his years surfing and skateboarding. He loved participating in and watching all sports, often spending the early morning hours watching Tour du France, soccer or some other sports event, while painting his intricate block sets.

He developed a keen interest in – and a great kinship with – the master artists of the Twentieth Century: Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Georgia O’Keeffe and the Impressionist and the Renaissance Masters, among others. He had endless curiosity, a trait easily discernible in his art.

Having been educated as a fine artist at the venerable institution, L’Ecole Des Arts Paris-Italie, it didn’t take long for Jason to adapt the masterful techniques of his artistic heroes to his own, contemporary works, both on paper and in three dimensions. The hundreds of block sets collectors so loved fused landscape, figurative and abstract vignettes at once full of color and playful line, masterful of composition, and deeply expressive of the human condition.  Jason was an internationally represented artist with galleries in Paris, Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, and Santa Fe, among others. He sold his work directly to an extensive international network.

Vivacious and happy, always the optimist, Jason was a kind person who would put others before himself; he always had a kind word. Jason was absolutely an artist’s artist from the beginning; he loved art in a deeply personal way. Most who knew Jason would agree that, of Jason’s talents, his ability to touch the souls of others through his vivacious, colorful and heart-felt art was his greatest.


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